2016-2017 Head Girl explains what she'll miss most about Bangkok Prep - Bangkok Prep

2016-2017 Head Girl explains what she’ll miss most about Bangkok Prep

What year did you join Bangkok Prep?

I joined Bangkok Prep in 2006!

How has the school helped you grow?

Prep has shaped me into a much more confident person. I was never really shy, but sometimes I would be afraid to speak up because I feared I would say something stupid.

But my teachers and friends have really made me realise that it is okay to ask stupid questions because at the end of the day we are all here to learn, and speaking up can spark really interesting conversations and allow you to learn something new.

What have you learned from your years here?

I have learned multiple things here, but the most valuable lesson learnt is getting along with people from different nationalities. Being in an international school has given me the opportunity to meet with people from around the world and learn more about their culture, and this has been amazing.

What will you most miss about Bangkok Prep?

I will definitely miss my friends and teachers the most here. What I love is that our year group is fairly small and the community is so closely knit and supportive of each other, we are basically like a family.

I’m so incredibly lucky to always have those people to count on with everything I need. The teachers here are also very supportive, always there to help answer any questions and put up with my handwriting that’s very hard to read…

What were your favourite subjects (and why)?

I love and have a passion for all of my A Level subjects; History, Art, Psychology and English Literature. However, if I had to pick it would probably be History because the subject is incredibly intriguing to me, especially studying about events that have happened in the past and being able to apply them to current affairs. Lessons have also been really fun and enjoyable, since our class is fairly small we always have engaging discussions and play fun games!

How did you prepare for your final exams?

Exams are incredibly stressful and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all the worksheets and notes my teachers have given me, so I like to start early by re-writing my notes and ensuring that I have all information in one place.

Revising for A Level exams is very repetitive and boring so I like to have different ways of revising such as making notes, flashcards, revising with friends and watching videos online. I really like to revise with my friends by testing and teaching each other because having to teach someone a topic actually makes you remember it better because you have to truly understand it yourself, it is also makes revision much more enjoyable.

What university offers did you get? 

Utrecht University, NYU (New York University), Fordham University, Leiden University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Chulalongkorn University.

What university did you decide on (and why)?

I decided on Utrecht University mainly because of the course. I am going to be studying a liberal arts and science course which means that I am still able to continue studying the subjects that I am passionate about such as History, Psychology and English Literature and explore upon new subjects such as Anthropology and Politics.

I found that this course was perfect for me because I was eager to further my knowledge in these fields and not learn them in isolation, so to be able to integrate the knowledge of all of the subjects will give me an incredibly well-rounded education.

What advice do you have for the younger students at Bangkok Prep?

My advice would be to really enjoy the time you have with your friends here because you may dread all of the homework and exams you have to study for, but in the end the memories you make here are extremely valuable and it is something I will hold onto when I head off to university.



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