2017 Poetry Anthology: Metamorphosis - Bangkok Prep

2017 Poetry Anthology: Metamorphosis

In advance of the launch of the 2017 Poetry Anthology in June, we are publishing a poem from the book every week. This week it’s ‘Metamorphosis’ by Yumin K in Year 5:


Neale Donald Walsh states that,
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
Like from the safety of the womb into life with no format,
No sense of direction, simply mystical and unknown.
A childhood ride in a hot air balloon,
Floating serenely along a creamy-white blanket,
Peppered with the threat of a monsoon,
Ebbing and flowing towards the distant moon.
A time of transformation that purifies the human soul.
A process of growing up that makes us whole.
A great change in form and appearance:
Greyer, battered, torn.
We journey to the heavens,
Which blissfully and boldly beckons,
Man purposefully plans his journey,
But the beyond decides his destiny.

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