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A world-class provision of supervisions

By Dr Vipawan ‘Joy’ Nativivat

I have been involved in the Sixth Form supervision system of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology organised by Bangkok Prep school since 2015 with great pleasure.

My supervision roles are to provide unparalleled learning opportunities for our students, to deliver more personal tuition tailored to each individual needs, to strengthen in-depth academic knowledge, and to develop their creative minds. Such provision is arranged and based upon one or two students or small groups for the excellence of our teaching, learning, and capabilities of students.

Our students here are encouraged to develop enquiring minds and explore in-depth knowledge. They are enthusiastic to learn and well-prepared — some students have done extensive preparatory work before attending the supervision class!

I fully support our school in the continuation of this world-class provision of supervisions in the coming academic years.

Dr Vipawan (Joy) Nativivat has a BA Hons MEng Hons PhD in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology from the University of Cambridge

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