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Academic and sporting potential unleashed at new Secondary Campus

At our latest Secondary School Parent Workshop on 13th June, Head of Secondary Nigel Wilsonlock gave an overview of the changes to be made in next year’s timetable, and the new academic and sporting possibilities that the Secondary Campus at T77 will provide for.

Lessons will be slightly longer at 60 minutes to allow for ‘deeper learning’, whilst moving from seven to six lessons in the day will ensure there is less disruption to the flow of learning. This will give 360 minutes of learning per day as opposed to the current 350 minutes.

The timetable will also move to a two week format allowing for better time allocation per subject, this benefits our students as we can offer more subjects.

This has all come about through the work of a whole school Timetable Committee that reviewed our current provision with a view to unlocking potential as we – by opening T77 – removed the limits of Primary and Secondary sharing the same campus and facilities.

Summary of the new Secondary timetable structure:

  • Two week timetable (Week A & B)
  • 6 x 60 min lessons/day
  • 360 minutes learning/day
  • 08:00 start
  • 15:20 finish

Mr Wilsonlock also introduced the enrichment programme from our teachers: three lessons per week. for students who need extra help in specific academic areas, as well as the introduction of more subjects: Spanish, Photography, Graphic Design, Gymnastics, and in the near future Media Studies, Human Biology, Astronomy, Food Technology, Statistics, Film-making, Sport Science and Dance.

He then summarised the new facilities that our Secondary students will enjoy once they move into the new Secondary Campus at T77 from the next academic year:

Creative Arts Facilities

With their own dedicated building, Creative Arts facilities at the new Secondary Campus include a photography darkroom and studio; ‘Black Box’ theatre; two iMac suites for Music and Art; a music recording studio; and ceramics room.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities include a FIFA-specification 11-a-side football pitch with artificial drainage, which can also be used as two seven-a-side pitches. It is surrounded by a four-lane 300m athletics running track, and a four-lane 100m straight. In addition there are two full specification hard surface tennis courts.

There is also a 50 metre, eight lane swimming pool with tiered seating and state of the art touch-pads; two full-size indoor basketball courts; large sports hall; multi-fitness gym room; gymnastic/multi purpose room; dance studio; dedicated GCSE/A Level PE classroom; and a nearby local park which might be used for future cross country runs.

Sports Teams & Partners

Because of these new sports facilities, we will be launching new boys and girls teams in volleyball, gymnastics, tennis, cross-country, climbing and touch rugby. While we will be continuing to take part in FOBISIA and TISAC events, Bangkok Prep will also be participating on an invite basis to BISAC competitions, invitationals and friendlies.

We have also established links and partnerships with major sports clubs and organisations such as Chelsea for football, Top Flight (basketball), Thai Canadian Community Sports (gymnastics), Spin & Slice (tennis), Swimlife International and Swimming WA (aquatics), and The Base (fitness).

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