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An Insightful Assembly

Last Friday, Key Stages 1 and 2 had the time to get together in the Sports Hall for our ‘Welcome Back’ assembly. The children were all very excited to be back and they really enjoyed meeting the new additions to our teaching team (and our returning teachers).

As well as welcoming everybody back, we also had a discussion about the different ways we get to school. As busy adults, we often choose the easiest and most convenient way of getting from one place to another. However, what quickly became clear was that the children are really starting to develop an awareness of how important our transport choices can be.

After seeing a picture of the busy roads of Bangkok, the children were quick to point out that something wasn’t right. The picture wasn’t clear. Unfortunately, there was nothing wrong with the camera that took the photo – it was the pollution which can hover over the streets of Bangkok.

In an inner city location such as Sukhumvit, traffic can cause lots of pollution. More cars on the road means more pollution. More cars on the road also means more traffic, which means EVEN MORE POLLUTION!

However, the children demonstrated their amazing Eco-Awareness and were able to suggest some very thoughtful alternatives.

Take the BTS

This was one of the most popular choices. Bangkok Prep is located right next to the Thonglor BTS Station, and the BTS means no queues to get into school, less time spent in traffic jams and, more importantly, less impact upon the environment.


Another wonderful suggestion by the children. If you live close by, a brisk walk not only reduces pollution but the extra exercise involved will teach children the benefits of adding physical activity as part of their daily routine. It’s also a great time to chat about the day ahead!

Share the Load

Another idea was to ‘share cars’. We all know it as carpooling. This can be another great way to reduce the amount of cars on the road AND ensure that the time spent in traffic is shared, meaning less stress on drivers and on the planet!

The children’s suggestions really were an inspiration, and hopefully, each little change that we make can start to make a BIG difference!

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