Bulldogs finish 2nd place at FOBISIA Swimming Championship 2018 - Bangkok Prep

Bulldogs finish 2nd place at FOBISIA Swimming Championship 2018

It is with great pride that the Aquatics Department can announce that the Bangkok Prep Bulldogs have achieved their finest swimming honour to date by coming 2nd in the FOBISIA Swimming Championships 2018.

22 International Schools from 13 different countries attended this high level 2 day event and our 52 Bulldogs ALL performed incredibly and courageously. This event is normally held over 3 days giving swimmers the time to recover between long distance events. This year’s event was crammed into 2 days which meant our swimmers had to swim, recover, and then swim again quite quickly.

In many cases we had junior swimmers swimming up in age groups which placed them in what many adults would call daunting circumstances. Two of our younger Bulldogs even showed outstanding sportsmanship in helping other teams’ complete relays without hesitation. We were the only school to do this and both these young boys, Ayden and Pat swam to their
best ability. This is a credit to them as individuals.

Our senior swimmers brought emotions to breaking point for all of the coaches. Imagine swimming 400m IM (all four strokes in a row) to a roaring crowd and bringing home Gold against much larger schools and swim programmes? We are so fortunate to have such quality children and secondly quality swimmers.

Our team was well led by Craig and Caitlin who demonstrated leadership and supported the coaching team admirably.

Not only are Bulldog swimmers champions in the pool. They are champions outside the pool. They are exhausted at the end of an event but they, and our school parent support group are noticeable standouts in TEAM camaraderie. They console, they congratulate, and they lift.

Internal Awards (and it is very difficult to individualise these when there are 50+ champions).

Swimmer of the Meet:
Senior: Nisha (Gold Cap 2017 FOBISIA)
Junior: Coco (Gold Cap 2015 Tiger Prawns)

HOA Gold Cap Awards FOBISIA 2018:
Angelina & Dean

Sportsmanship Awards:
Ayden & Pat

Senior Swimmer Coaches Award:
Rihito & Caitlin

Junior Swimmer Coaches Award:
David & Lisa K

Matt Ferrier
Head of Aquatics


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