Class of 2017 Head Boy Krit introduces his favourite subjects - Bangkok Prep

Class of 2017 Head Boy Krit introduces his favourite subjects

What year did you join Bangkok Prep?

I joined Bangkok Prep in Year 3.

How has the school helped you grow?

The school has helped me grow by teaching me to be responsible, care for other people, be an active learner, and to speak in public.

What have you learned from your years here?

I have learnt many things throughout my years at Bangkok Prep but the most important is being responsible, both for the tasks allocated to you and your own actions.

What will you most miss about Bangkok Prep?

What I will miss most about Bangkok Prep is the friendships I have formed with classmates, people from younger years as well as the teachers, throughout my 10 years at Bangkok Prep.

What were your favourite subjects (and why)?

I enjoy all my A-Level subjects, hence why I chose to continue studying them. This includes biology, chemistry, maths and psychology.

I enjoy biology because we get to learn about how fantastic and mysterious the human body is. Chemistry and maths are thought-provoking subjects that I just enjoy learning especially when it becomes challenging. And psychology is a new subject that I just got to learn in Year 12. I find the content very interesting and I can relate it to everyday life.

How did you prepare for your final exams?

Firstly, I prepared for my exams by making notes following the specification. Next, I would either make a mindmap or flashcards depending on the topic and the content each topic. Finally, I try my best to go through as many past papers as I can so if there is a question that is repeated in the exam, I would know how to answer it.

What university did you decide on (and why)?

I applied and got an offer from Thammasat University on their International Medical course.

What advice do you have for the younger students at Bangkok Prep?

Be responsible, hardworking, and enjoy your times at school with your friends, because it will be those times you will remember.



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