Class of 2017 student Lily Wong on how the school helped her grow - Bangkok Prep

Class of 2017 student Lily Wong on how the school helped her grow

What year did you join Bangkok Prep?

I joined Bangkok Prep in August 2004 (in Year 1!).

How has the school helped you grow?

The school has helped me grow both socially and academically. Since the school started out so small it provided a very intimate environment between other classmates and the teachers and it made me feel 100 percent comfortable, but as the school has grown I have also had the opportunity to socialise with more people both in and outside of school.

What have you learned from your years here?

To not do things at the last minute.

What will you most miss about Bangkok Prep?

I will probably miss my fellow Class of 2017 the most, and also the old Bangkok Prep campus because of all the memories.

What were your favourite subjects (and why)?

My favourite subjects are History and English partly because of the teachers (Mr Rudall, Mr Lockwood and Miss Brown) but also because I find these subjects extremely interesting and they make for really interesting discussions in class.

How did you prepare for your final exams?

I would just come to the study room for a couple of hours most days for a quiet hour of revision, but I also think sharing notes, discussing knowledge and ideas with a group was an effective method for me.

What university offers did you get?

University of Amsterdam and SCAD Hong Kong.

What university did you decide on (and why)?

I decided on the University of Amsterdam because I would love to travel and explore Europe, plus I see myself living in Hong Kong in the future so going to study in Europe would be a once in a lifetime experience for me.

What advice do you have for the younger students at Bangkok Prep?

My advice would be to not be afraid to ask for help or ask questions from teachers or your friends, and just to have fun because you’re only in school once (except at uni!).

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