Covid-19 Information for University and College Admissions Teams - Bangkok Prep

Covid-19 Information for University and College Admissions Teams

Information for University and College Admissions Teams

Since March 2020 there have been three school closures that have affected students at Bangkok Prep

1) In the 2019-20 academic year, school was closed to students from March 2020 and did not reopen until the beginning of June, for the last two weeks of the school year. During this time students were provided with work through Firefly (our Virtual Learning Platform). Classes were also conducted live on Zoom. Students did not sit examinations and were assessed by Centre Assessed Grades.

2) In the 2020-21 academic year, the school was again closed from the start of Term 2 (early January 2021) until mid February 2021. 

3) Again, in the 2020-21 academic year, schools closed mid April 2021 and remain closed until the end of the academic year. Examinations did not take place and students instead were assessed by School Assessed Grades and Teacher Assessed Grades.

4) In the 2021-22 academic year, students again began the start of the year online. October and November resit and module examinations are unlikely to be able to take place.


Impact to pre Covid university application processes at Bangkok Prep

  • The school year delayed its start from 16th August to 9th September. This has impacted the support students have been able to access with regards to university guidance. 
  • The university guidance counsellor normally meets with Year 12/Grade 11 students during Term 1 and 2 twice. Only 50% of students managed to speak to the UGC face-to-face before school closures. One-on-one meetings were arranged for students on Zoom, but attendance varied. 
  • Year 12 normally begin their university application preparation materials in their junior year. Although university application workshops were run via Zoom there was varied engagement.
  • There has been an impact on the work experience and internships that students have been able to organise in non-virtual settings.
  • Many of our students have been severely affected by SAT cancellations, and due to limited seats many have been unable to schedule in time for university applications.

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