D.N.A by Dennis Kelly - A Year 10 Black Box Performance - Bangkok Prep

D.N.A by Dennis Kelly – A Year 10 Black Box Performance

On Tuesday the 28th of March, the Year 10 IGCSE Drama students performed for their Component 1:Script Examination.

For the first time a Year 10 group put on a full play and performed it to a record audience of 50 people. We had been working on this performance since January, as one of the actors it was a very challenging but fitting task for our group. We worked extremely hard on making the play the best it could be by running lines, polishing scenes and coming in for weekend rehearsals. It was also the first time we have performed to an audience of this size and it was nerve wracking but exciting experience for all of us. We’re extremely thankful for our wonderful Bangkok Prep community audience that came to support us and our Drama teacher Miss Hullock, for guiding us as well as tolerating us.

We’ve all learned how to work better together and with each other and personally I have learned how much we can achieve just by combining our efforts and having faith in each other.

Drama has taught us that an individual won’t be able to succeed
without the teamwork of others.

Svara Mandrekar
Year 10 Student

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