Developments taking place at Bangkok Prep's Thong Lo Campus - Bangkok Prep

Developments taking place at Bangkok Prep’s Thong Lo Campus

Above: The planned expansion of the Reception area will house en-suite student toilets and open plan learning space. The new extension of the classroom area will provide a double sized increase in room, where students can learn, explore and engage in activities in this new spacious area. *Please note this perspective reflects only the space of the classroom. The decorative elements and color are only the artist’s first impression, not the final design.

Bangkok Prep announces new developments at its Primary Campus at Sukhumvit 53. This includes the expansion of classroom areas, the development of breakout spaces for different year groups and a new Key Stage 1 playground set.

From August 2017, due to the school’s opening of the new Secondary Campus at T77, Bangkok Prep’s existing Thong Lo Campus will be dedicated to Early Years and Primary children, from 3 to 11 years-old.

For the Reception class, there will be an expansion of the area including en-suite student toilets and open plan learning space covering 200 square metres. The new extension of the classroom area will provide 100 percent increase in space, where children can learn, explore and engage in activities in this new spacious area. The renovation work starts in July and will be ready by the start of the new school year in August 2017.

In Academic Year 2017-2018, a new ‘netscapes’ concept playground will be installed as part of the new Key Stage 1 outdoor ‘state-of-the-art’ playground project, allowing plenty of space for climbing, crawling, balancing and other physical activities. It will be an ideal place for children to be engaged in imaginative play and recreational activities.

For the Academic Year 2017-2018, this “Terranova” web-style playset will be installed in the Key Stage 1 playground.

For the Primary classes there will be extra break out spaces. An entire corridor on the fourth floor will be dedicated to Year 6 learning spaces with more than 200 square metres of shared breakout spaces, as well as new break out areas for Year 5.

With their open plan nature and flexible furniture, the new spaces at the Primary Campus will allow teaching and learning to be personalised, with teachers and students able to work collaboratively in small groups. The space will cater as a common area for students to relax and engage during breaks, and also serve as an exhibition space for their projects.

Head of Primary Duncan Stonehouse says, “These extra ‘breakout’ spaces will enable the children to take an increasingly creative and innovative approach to learning. The Bangkok Prep thematic Primary curriculum is centred on creative and innovative learning whilst continuing to be deeply rooted in academic rigour.”

This floor plan of the whole corridor on the 4th floor dedicated to Year 6 consists of classrooms and, adjacent to the classrooms, more than 200 square metres of breakout space. Due to the limited time available, the school will complete the breakout space first, with expansion of the classrooms taking place during school holidays in July 2018.

From August 2017, the Thong Lo Campus at Sukhumvit 53 will be dedicated exclusively to the Early Years and Primary children, housing its own state-of-the-art facilities including a 25-meter swimming pool, an indoor multipurpose sports hall, a large outdoor ground, 250 seat auditorium, black box theatre, music and art suites and more.

Bangkok Prep’s new Secondary Campus, opening in August 2017, is located on a 20-rai plot of land situated in new prime residential area T77 on Sukhumvit 77 (On Nut 1/1). Only 2.8 kilometres away from the Primary Campus at Sukhumvit 53, the Secondary Campus at T77 will feature modern learning spaces and labs, a full-sized sports field that meets FIFA standards, a 50 by 25 metre swimming pool, a sports complex, a creative arts, drama and music centre, 400 seat auditorium and other facilities.

If you have any questions about the new Primary Campus at Sukhumvit 53, please email Head of Primary Duncan Stonehouse:

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