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Early Years Curriculum

Our Early Years Curriculum Explained

At Bangkok Prep, our Early Years curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage framework of England. The curriculum is facilitated through our unique thematic topics and child-led learning experiences, introducing children to a stimulating and engaging school life; where enjoyment and exploration are the key ingredients in an approach that develops learning through play. The framework develops concepts, skills, learning strategies and positive attitudes across the intellectual, social and physical areas of learning. The Early Years takes into account the four main principles of the Early Years curriculum, focusing on the child as a unique individual; the positive facilitation of learning through the enabling environment and learning spaces; the development of positive relationships and embracing the different styles and pace of learning and development for all children. Our Early Years curriculum consists of the following seven areas with seventeen underpinning aspects:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Self-Regulation, Managing Self and Building Relationships).
  • Communication and Language(Listening, Attention and Understanding and Speaking).
  • Physical Development(Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills).
  • Literacy(Comprehension, Word Reading and Writing).
  • Mathematics(Number and Numerical Patterns).
  • Understanding of the World(Past and Present, People, Culture and Communities and the Natural World).
  • Expressive Arts and Design(Creating with Materials and Being Imaginative and Expressive).

In the Early Years, the curriculum considers each individual child’s needs; ensuring that children are making continuous progress whilst maintaining confidence and a can-do attitude. It incorporates early literacy and mathematical skills, as well as encompassing a play-based philosophy, which links social interaction and theme-based learning. Specialist sessions to further enhance the learning opportunities in Early Years are provided for Thai Language and Thai Cultural Studies, Music, Library, Physical Education and Swimming. If your child is not yet of school age, we invite you to attend our Playgroup, held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (during term time). Click here for more details please visit our playgroup page.

Early Years offers a well-supervised, safe and stimulating learning environment where children are supervised by native English teachers and Thai speaking teaching assistants. Language is acquired and continuously developed through the immersion method. Thus enabling children to be fully absorbed into the English language, which helps them quickly find their way in our international community. Our Early Years is the ideal preparation for the transition into the Primary school. For young children’s wellbeing and development, the outdoor environment is as equally valued and important as the indoor classroom. The outdoors is different to indoors and these differences are what make it special and important. We ensure that our children have access to a high-quality outdoor environment that provides a wonderfully rich and dynamic environment for exploration, play and discussion. Further details of the Early Years Foundation Stage and helpful guides for parents can be accessed at Foundation Years

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Nursery Bumblebees, Ladybirds and Caterpillars Children aged 3-4 years Reception Butterflies, Dragonflies and Grasshoppers Children aged 4-5 years

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