EconplusDal Student Grade Boosting Workshop - Bangkok Prep

EconplusDal Student Grade Boosting Workshop

On the 24th and 25th March Bangkok Prep had the privilege of hosting renowned YouTube Economist EconplusDal who brought his inimitable style to the Primary Campus. He is a teacher and Head of Economics with vast experience in getting students to top grades in Economics examinations through focussing on key core skills and exam secrets that unlock the door to exam success. On his first evening in Bangkok one adoring fan stopped him on the BTS to talk Economics and confirm that he really was here!

The two day workshop provided a dynamic environment to allow well over one hundred A-Level and IB students from different schools around Bangkok and some from as far as Vietnam to unlock exam secrets, hone core content and application nuggets which helped to provide students with
the confidence and understanding of how to push towards the highest marks. It was a fantastic weekend which helped to build Economics expertise in challenging areas such as exchange rates, balance of payments and we even had topical examples and deeper evaluation of the potential trade war that is looming.

Students left the event feeling more confident and enthusiastic about Economics which will be vital as they continue preparations for their external examinations in just over two months.

Finally, a huge thanks to Ms. Genevieve, Khun Mai, Khun Aor and the Marketing, Events, Finance and Maintenance teams who made the event possible.

Neil Groves & Hugh Pollock
Teacher of Business & Economics

Student Testimonials:

“Not only did I pick up important knowledge about the functioning of economics but I also had fun applying it into the wonderful games such as canyon cross.” ~Utkarsh

“These two days were amazing and helped me develop an understanding of economics within a very short period of time. It was a very enjoyable and memorable workshop.” ~Jean

“The EconPlusDal workshop was a truly amazing time. I thoroughly enjoyed his teaching and the way that he can explain complex economic concepts in a simple manner.” ~Matthew

“The EconPlusDal workshop was an amazing experience, making economics even more interesting than it already is. We gained a lot from the revision and exam techniques he showed us, how to structure our essays to get the best marks possible.” ~Fern

“The EconplusDal workshop was amazing as it really helped to gain a lot of new information that will definitely help us in our A level exams. We learnt a lot about exam technique and the best way to structure our essay answers which will help us to smash that A* and get the top marks.” ~Mayank

“EconplusDal has been an inspiration for all of the Bangkok Prep young economists ever since we chose the subject as an A-level. Therefore having him in Bangkok doing a workshop was a dream come true. Not only did we meet our economics idol, apart from Mr Pollock, we also learned tips and exam technique on revision to gain the top marks which we can translate into our exams and achieve those A*’s.” ~Sulyña

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