First students visit completed Secondary Campus at T77 - Bangkok Prep

First students visit completed Secondary Campus at T77

On Monday 19 June, members of the Primary and Secondary Student Councils were the first students to visit the newly completed Secondary Campus at T77, which is now ready to open in August 2017.

The Primary and Secondary Eco Teams also held a special tree planting ceremony to mark the completion of the Secondary Campus at T77.

“It was wonderful to see students actually on the T77 Campus after all this innovative campus design has been centered around high-quality Secondary student learning,” said Deputy Head of School Duncan Stonehouse.

“We are all very excited about our new facilities at T77, and we feel it is very important that the members of Student Council and the Bangkok Prep Eco Team are an integral part of the final stages of this project.”

Whole School Head of Libraries Mia Livingston added, “It was wonderful to see such great ideas now coming to life, it’s going to be great! I can actually see the library in my mind’s eye now.  

“The different spaces being used for different reasons. Study room conversations happening, Classroom busy with an entire class. Students reading and studying quietly in the various nooks and seating areas. Students using the ‘walk up’ windows, and a feeling of home!”

“This is a really important moment for the Eco Team,” commented Key Stage 2 Leader and Eco Schools Co-ordinator Kris Leverton. 

“It is about more than just one tree. This visit is about the Eco Team getting to see how they have influenced the building of the new campus, including solar panels on the roof, energy-saving light bulbs throughout, eco-friendly fans in the Sports Hall, and a large gardening area.

“All of these things have been influenced by the Eco Team and show that our school is committed to sustainability. The tree is a symbol of that commitment.”

Key Stage 3 Leader Josh Watters concluded, “As a school, we have spent so much time and effort on ensuring a smooth transition of the Secondary School to the new campus.

“The visit of the Student Council and the Eco Team was our first opportunity to see what staff and students would think of their new home. It was a real pleasure to be there and see their reactions as they saw the building for the first time.”

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