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FOBP – A Year in Perspective

FOBP has had a very busy year indeed. A busy and rewarding year. Being split between two campuses brought its own set of challenges – and now everything had to be done twice. But the dedicated team of parents that make up FOBP was determined to keep supporting the school as much it possibly could.

While we were stretched at times, we did manage to contribute successfully towards many events like Tournament of Minds,Puppy Cup, Winter Fair and Primary and Secondary Sports Days.

We also loved to keep our classics going; such as the annua lHalloween fun, Christmas and Easter celebrations, Valentine’s Day and our signature Funky Fridays.

Working with the Secondary children and supporting their initiatives was very rewarding too. We saw them growing more independent and confident every day, truly flourishing in their new campus.

All of this was possible only because the FOBP committee had parent volunteers to depend on. A big ‘thank you’ to all the parents who were always there to support and work for our children and the Bangkok Prep community.

Sadly we have to say goodbye to some of our volunteers, a big thank you for everything you have done Chrissy, Gig, Gap, Candy…you’ll be greatly missed!

We look forward to your support to make the next academic year even more successful.

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