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Food Services News

The feedback from the food provision at both Primary and Secondary campus has been very positive from students and staff.  The variety and taste of food has been well received and there is always plenty of food on everyone’s plate!

The snacks will be adjusted slightly with more variety and the afternoon snacks will be more of a ‘take away’ style snack rather than students needing to sit and eat with utensils.  This will reduce the amount of time students need at the end of the school day, especially for our Bus users and students attending an ASA.

At lunchtimes it is good to see more students choosing salads, sandwiches and vegetables alongside their main course.  Students should always be conscious of not choosing too much food and wasting it but they should also be reminded that all students on the Meal Plan can ask for more at the time of being served or go back for more if they are still hungry.

Parents of students in the Primary School who are currently not on the meal plan will receive an email this week with a survey for them to complete.  I appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey to give us your feedback.

During International Week the Menu will include some different foods from around the world!  Please encourage your child to try some dishes from another country every day.

Monday: Greece

Tuesday: Italy

Wednesday: India

Thursday: Mexico

Friday: America

I will also be working with the Student Councils for further feedback and suggestions over the remainder of this term and I look forward to hearing the student input and making the food services even better!


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