Fundraising for Urban Neighbours of Hope Thailand - Bangkok Prep

Fundraising for Urban Neighbours of Hope Thailand

Dear Bangkok Prep community,

In my class, I have a boy who lives in the slum. His family relocated to Klong Toey Slum to join an organisation working at the grassroots level to help communities find freedom from urban poverty.

Klong Toey Slum is the largest slum in Bangkok with over 100,000 people living in 2 square kilometres.

Urban Neighbours of Hope offer employment initiatives, micro-enterprise opportunities and neighbourly support for some of the poorest in the city. They run kids clubs and partner with local kindergartens, offer medical support and emergency relief. All from the position of being neighbours, sharing the place and problems of those around them.

One of the biggest difficulties they see is the instability of families and the resulting impact on children. Parents struggling to make ends meet, working all hours, or otherwise distracted in the chaos and pressure of urban poverty. Kids are often left to look after themselves, or need to be around to help at home.

A few times a year there are opportunities for family strengthening work. Urban Neighbours of Hope run camps, taking neighbours out of the tough context of the slums to go somewhere green. The camps are an adventure together to help broaden horizons, build hope and cement family relationships.

They currently run one Family Camp per year, and two Project Camps for the employees and families of our two projects: RoyRak ( and Second Chance Bangkok (

Currently, Urban Neighbours of Hope do not have the funding to run these camps for 2019.

By donating to Urban Neighbours Of Hope Thailand, we hope to see the growth and development of family bonds, mutual support and encouragement and the fruits of people coming together to share their hopes and dreams.

After I turned 30 this year I was inspired to tick something off of my bucket list. So, I have decided to run the Singapore Marathon on Saturday 8th December 2018. The whole 42.195 KM will be worth it if I can manage to raise money for a local cause in Bangkok. I thought this could be a great opportunity for the Bangkok Prep community to raise money for a fantastic cause. I will be running the Marathon with Kris Leverton (Previous Primary Key Stage Leader). I would appreciate any donations big or small. I have left a donation box in Ms. Sandy’s Office @53 Campus.

Thank you and wish us luck!

Andy Wooldridge

Year 6 Class Teacher

Primary Computing Coordinator









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