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Happy birthday, Roald Dahl!

The Primary School Library organised their first student event this year, Roald Dahl Day, which was held on Thursday 13th September 2018. It was a day of fun activities to encourage reading and celebrate of the work of the author, Roald Dahl.  Roald Dahl Day 2018

Early Years began their day with story time, a shortened paraphrase of The Enormous Crocodile and then coloured Roald Dahl party hats to take home. Many thanks to Mrs Sirina Patanatmarueng (Amy Y2AO) for cutting all the hat templates for every Nursery and Reception child.

Years 1 and 2 played garden games themed after the book, The Enormous Crocodile. Students enjoyed playing ‘What’s the time, Enormous Crocodile?’ (Aka ‘What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?’) and ‘Trunky, Trunky, Crocodile’ (aka ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’) in the playground. They bounced balloons into the air in the undercroft by playing ‘Keep the peach afloat’ from the chapters in the book of James and the Giant Peach.

The Library offered several activities during play time and snack time for Years 1-6 to choose from. Students watched the movie, Matilda; created Roald Dahl party hats; solved James and the Giant Peach mazes and puzzles; coloured shoes for the Centipede, from James and the Giant Peach; and drew things to stick into Mr. Twit’s beard, from the book, The Twits.

In the morning, Key Stage 2 teachers took up Matilda’s ‘Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Challenge’ by racing to finish off a slice of delicious chocolate cake. Congratulations to Ms.  Woodland, who took first place overall for the Lions and earned the Lions Dojo points. In the afternoon, students had the opportunity to eat doughnuts, a favourite snack of Mr. Bunce in Mr. Fantastic Fox. Doughnuts dangled from a string while students tried to take a bite of the doughnuts within a minute. The winners who consumed the most doughnut within 60 seconds were:

Y3LS – Sunshine

Y4FS – Jai Sai

Y5JY – Teddie

Y6AW – Jack

Special thanks to Mr. Fletcher, who supervised both eating contests. Well done to all participants, who represented their class or house team and earned their class or house team Dojo points.

In the afternoon, Key Stage 2 students could opt to play ‘Capture the Mouse’ in the sports hall, the Witches’ version of ‘Capture the Flag’. Many thanks to Ms North and Ms Woodland for their supervision of the game.

A huge thank you to FOBP for their continued support in school activities. They helped tremendously to provide adult support and supervision in the activities throughout the campus and helped to ensure a safe and fun day for all.

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