Helena Opdal discusses her exciting role as new Head Girl - Bangkok Prep

Helena Opdal discusses her exciting role as new Head Girl

Helena Opdal is a Year 12 Thai-Norwegian student at Bangkok Prep. After having lived in Norway, Venezuela and now Thailand she shares with you her thoughts on her new role as Head Girl.

How does it feel to be Head Girl, and what do you plan to do next year in that role?

I have wanted to be Head Girl ever since the position was first introduced, I’ve seen four amazing girls carry out the role before me and now I am excited to continue their legacy. It truly is an honour to be able to lead the student body especially at such an exciting time of moving to the new Secondary Campus at T77.

My plans for next year would be to move Bangkok Prep’s community forward with the use of the new campus, by creating events to bring us closer as a community and enjoy our time at school even more. Also Josh and I are excited to finally implement a leadership project created by Punn, Krit and Noah in Year 13 to encourage student leadership across school.

What advice do you have for younger students to be successful in their studies?

Similar to what Josh said in his interview, younger students should manage their time well to be successful in their studies. A helpful tip for students today is to limit distractions such as social media and technology and not become too reliant on them, because at times they can disrupt your focus when it comes to studying causing procrastination. During my exam periods I like to go off the grid, which may seem extreme but its the best way I can ensure my focus is intact. In general your learning environment is crucial to how well you do in your studies so really do make the best you can with what is provided.

How many years have you been at Bangkok Prep, and what was your first memory of school? 

I’ve been at Bangkok Prep for nine years, I joined in Year 3 and I remember my first day of school being a challenge because I didn’t speak a word of English. Yet somehow on that day with no linguistic communication whatsoever I was able to make some of my closest friends I still have today. I have them as well as my Primary teachers to thank for teaching me English in such a short period of time. I also need to thank everyone beyond then too since I would never have imagined from my first day of walking into Bangkok Prep that I would make it this far.

What have been your favourite subjects to study and why?

Currently for my A-levels I study History, Geography, Psychology and English Literature and I love them all, I’ve always liked humanities subjects because I consider myself a “people person”. History would have to be my favourite, some people may not appreciate studying the dead but I personally find it very interesting to analyse past events that have shaped our society today. Additionally, I enjoy fine art even though I don’t study it anymore – it was always relaxing and entertaining.

What sports do you play, and what teams have you been a member of?

Throughout my time at Bangkok Prep I have made a notable effort to take part in as many sports teams as possible, which have included football, basketball, netball, athletics, swimming, table tennis and the FOBISIA games teams. Nowadays with less time on my hands I focus mainly on football and athletics.

Do you have any hobbies?

Time beyond school life is limited, but when I do get a chance I like to spend time with friends and family, travelling to explore new countries and cultures. Lastly, my friends would describe me as a coffee enthusiast.

What are your plans for the future?

After graduating in 2018 I plan to study law at university in Norway, where I am from. But predicting the future is always tough and although that would be the quintessential plan I am still open to other possibilities that may come.

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