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House Charity Day a roaring success for Raks Thai

By Business Studies, Economics and PSHE Teacher Neil Groves

On Wednesday 14 June, both Primary and Secondary joined together to celebrate the Tiger/Sabre Charity Day.

Students indulged in delicious cakes and snacks baked by students, parents and teachers, and in spite of their full stomachs managed to participate in a wide variety of games and events. There were long lines at the shaved ice stand, Mama Cup Throw and even longer lines waiting to play dodgeball against the teachers.

Mr O’Sullivan and Mr Breen continued to teach their students outside the classroom and in Secondary Mr Pollock, Mr Sherburn, Mr Rudall, Mr Watters and Mr Wilsonlock formed a formidable side, remaining unbeaten during their time on court.

While the day cemented the fantastic community spirit we have at our school, all the joviality and shenanigans were for an excellent cause, the occupational development of women to help them create a more sustainable future for their families.

Our community raised over THB50,000 for charity Raks Thai and this will be used to help women in the north and deep south of Thailand to purchase equipment, like sewing machines, dough mixers and ovens so they can bake and stitch their own products which they can sell.

I have to offer a huge thanks to Raks Thai who came to school to raise awareness of their excellent work and provide our community with a chance to see the products these women are producing first hand. Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who made a direct purchase from Raks Thai – you have really helped to make a difference.

Finally, I would like to thank all the students, parents and staff who helped to make the Tiger/Sabre Charity day a fabulous success by purchasing or participating.

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