House System - Bangkok Prep

House System

All students will be placed in one of the four school ‘Houses’. These are:

Bears/Ursus - Green

Lions/Panthera - Yellow

Tigers/Sabre - Red

Elephants/Surus - Blue

Every student at Bangkok Prep belongs to one of its four Houses. The students are allocated a House upon entry. They remain a member of the same house as they make their way through both Primary and Secondary, encouraging them to develop their teamwork and collaboration skills. All of our teachers and teaching assistants are also allocated to each House, and will work alongside our student House Captains to support their team mates. The Houses represent four distinct teams who compete against one another in a range of events, both academic and sporting. Events such as Sports Days, Swimming Galas, House quizzes and Sports Tournaments, to name a few. These events help to enrich the extra-curricular development of the students, promote ‘House spirit’ and supply fantastic opportunities for students to develop their teamwork and interpersonal skills, as well as  promoting our school Life Values. The House System also acts across the year groups, forming a supportive, vertical structure that encourages cooperation and communication across year groups, key stages and campuses. There are also many exciting student leadership opportunities available for students of both campuses.

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