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How International Schools Prepare Students for Global Careers

Over recent years, the demand for international education has been growing substantially. There are a plethora of reasons for the rise in popularity, with one major one being the real-world preparation children receive to promote a future global career.
In this article, we will discuss how international schools aid children with more than just their education. We will also talk about the additional services an international school can provide and how they are the best places to promote global success in every child’s future.

Going beyond education

Unlike many schools around the world, International schools aren’t just about their curriculum. It is true that if a child attends an international school, the qualifications they gain will be recognised worldwide, but it is important to note what else your child will receive on top of a highly accredited education.

As the job market evolves at an unprecedented rate, children need to be fully prepared for what lies ahead. International schools have the facilities and funding to improve and develop their programs to keep up to date with any major technological shifts or requirements within modern job markets. They are constantly moulding the service they provide to give students the best possible chance.

As a result of this, International schools will usually provide extensive extracurricular activities that you wouldn’t usually find in a school’s curriculum. They will have top-of-the-range IT facilities and provide constant support and guidance to every single one of their students. There is no better place to prepare someone for a global career, here are some reasons why.

Creating a global citizen

At an international school, children will be surrounded by people from all over the world. The friends they make will create a social network that goes far beyond the average person’s. When students are ready to begin their careers, they will have an abundance of contacts that can help promote their likelihood of success. There is no other educational environment that can provide somebody with such a close and vast social circle that spreads so far and wide.

Preparation for higher education

With such a competitive job market, it is crucial to have the best qualifications to attain the perfect role. International schools will provide students with universally recognised qualifications, making it far more likely they will be accepted to some of the best universities in the world. With the ever-growing global mindset, universities are very keen to accept students from highly-ranked international schools. International schools are renowned for fostering multicultural capabilities in their students, making them far more adaptable to overseas universities or colleges.

Career counselling

From a very young age, International school students will be provided with a massive amount of support in every possible way. A large part of this is career counselling. A career counsellor will guide each student towards realising what they want to do when they leave school. They will then work closely with them to help them gain the knowledge, skills, and understanding they need to aim for their dream job. This level of student support can only be found at International schools, so it is no wonder they have a much higher success rate than other schools.

Promoting global awareness

At an International school, a child is blessed with a marvellous opportunity to learn much more than they would by attending a regular school. International schools will have students from all over the world and are not constricted to a national curriculum. This means that students will be educated on a much broader spectrum of subjects that are relative to the world around them, rather than specific to the country. This is a fantastic tool that will give them the knowledge they need to move forward with their global education and career.

Understanding other cultures

Another tremendous part of being surrounded by international students is gaining an understanding of different countries and cultures around the world. This perspective can not be achieved in any other educational environment and is guaranteed to enhance success rates in a global career. It means that students who have graduated from international schools will be far more understanding and have a better idea of how to work with people from various backgrounds. This ability is a sought-after skill in the global job market. Not only are international school students more likely to get global Jobs, but they will stand a much stronger chance of being great at it too.

Mastering the Lingua Franca

One final point that we would like to make about how an international school can open doors to the global job market is the chance to truly master the English Language; the Lingua Franca. English is used in business throughout every country in the world, so it is an absolute necessity for career success on a global scale. People who can speak English are much more likely to be given better opportunities and excel in their jobs. International curriculums are always taught in English, giving a child more exposure than they would usually encounter. With daily exposure to the language and additional support, they will quickly become fluent.

Learn more about how an international education can help your child succeed

Every parent wants their children to succeed, and there aren’t many better ways to ensure success than a high-quality international education. At Bangkok Prep, we aim to enrich every child’s life with our highly regarded and diverse curriculum. We strive to inspire each student to achieve their full potential. If you want to know more about what an international education could do for your child, contact Bangkok Prep today. Our team of qualified faculty are dedicated to providing the best services for your child. We thrive on providing a fun, creative, open-minded, and passionate learning environment. We would be thrilled to answer any questions you have and can’t wait to prepare your child for global success.

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