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Humanoid Supreme

The Year 4 children have had a busy week at the end of Term 2 with two performances of “Humanoid Supreme” to large audiences. They did an incredible job learning their lines  and singing the songs. Well done Year 4 you impressed everyone!

The show took place in the future, where the Silver Squad team were hoping to create the best robot in the world; the Humanoid Supreme. However, the Silver Squad soon realised that the robots they created lacked many human qualities such as care, individuality, friendship and having a conscience. Therefore the Silver Squad visit District 4CD to steal their caring qualities towards the world, District 4DC to steal friendship from pupils, District 4CC to steal their individuality in a talent contest and District 4AB to steal their conscience during class. Finally, equipped with these qualities the Silver Squad return to their robots to upload the qualities and make the robots Humanoids Supreme! Unfortunately the mission proves unsuccessful due to a lack of Wi-Fi, problems with encryption and the ever annoying Adobe flash player needing an update…

A huge thank you must also go to the wonderful Year 4 parents who sourced some excellent costumes for the children. Your support and help is hugely appreciated.

Another huge thank you must go to the TAs who worked incredibly hard putting the props and set together! Thank you so much.

We hope everyone who came enjoyed the show.

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