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Internet safety and social media

By Key Stage 3 Leader Joshua Watters

Social media is – increasingly so – a fact of life. Brands like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are here to stay. For those of us involved in the pastoral care of children and young adults, social media has brought with it a range of problems.

Social media can be a fantastic thing. With so many of us living an international lifestyle, I am sure you will agree that the internet provides us with the perfect way to stay in contact with loved ones back home.

As part of our PSHE curriculum we have been looking at internet safety and social media. The internet can be a dangerous place, and the sad reality is that we have to be as careful in the virtual world as we do in the real one (and maybe even more so). We have offered this very simple advice to our students to help them keep safe online:

  • Safe – Keep safe online. Never give out your personal details (name, address, telephone number, photos, or school name) online.
  • Meet – Never agree to meet anyone who you have only been in touch with online.
  • Accept – Do not accept files, instant messages, or emails from anyone you do not know.
  • Reliable – People online could be lying about who they are. Make sure you check the information before you believe it.
  • Tell – Make sure you tell a parent or teacher if there is something you are uncomfortable or worried about.

We would also encourage parents to be aware that the minimum age to open an account on most social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, is 13.

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