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JUMP Leadership

At the end of the third week of Term 2, student leaders from Bangkok Prep returned to take part in the ‘JUMP!’ Leadership Course for the second time. The purpose of revisiting the course was to recap the skills we learnt, as well as work on specific weaknesses that we had identified as a team last time. Once we had reintroduced and familiarised ourselves with each other through a series of fun activities, we set about seeing what we had accomplished since October, when the first course had taken place. We then split up into our individual leadership groups, and using the SMART plan structure, set about planning a goal to be completed by the end of the term, with key clear steps to how we intended to go about this. This really allowed us to see what we had accomplished so far, but also identify what more we wanted to do with the rest of the year, as well as giving leadership groups a chance to see what other leaders had planned, as they do not often get the chance to do.

As a team, we had decided in October that we wanted to work on our public speaking and confidence, so throughout the days, leaders were given the chance to lead team building activities. In these cases, the JUMP staff stepped aside and let the students run the activities on their own. This was a brilliant way for everyone to work on not only their confidence but also their leadership skills, and the large mix of people meant that we were able to participate in many team building activities, that we can now take
away and use when leading our teams.

Through activities like these, group discussions and self-reflection moments, the JUMP! leadership course really allowed us to work on our leader skills. By working with people that we might not usually get the chance to, we developed valuable leadership skills that will help us to make Bangkok Prep an even better environment for students.

Caitlin Hunter
Year 12 Student Leader

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