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Key Stage 3 Extended Curriculum – Integrated Studies

Bangkok Prep has undergone a large number of changes between the previous and current academic years – not least, the opening of a new Secondary campus! There have, however, also been some curricular improvements in the Secondary School. Key Stage 3 has introduced what we have called the Extended Curriculum which is an ambitious programme incorporating a range of subjects, such as: Enterprise, Global Perspectives, International Citizenship, Learning to Learn, and Passion Project.

In addition to the above subjects, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will undertake a module in Integrated Studies. In essence, the aim behind the study of this subject is for students to draw strands across their learning. In Primary education, this happens more naturally as students study a number of subjects with the same teacher. When students reach Secondary school, there is a danger that they can view their learning in separate boxes. Obviously, when students go out into the wider world, they will need to draw on a range of skills and knowledge, and not just just those from one particular area.

How we have approached this at Bangkok Prep is through project-based learning: in Year 7, students will design a city of the future – a ‘sustainable’ city which is environmentally-friendly and could ‘sustain’ itself forever; in Year 8, students will look to design a Mission to Mars – a colonist mission where humankind’s first society is set up; and, in Year 9, students will put together a political manifesto for a brand new party which they have founded.

We have set up the Extended Curriculum so that it enhances other curricular studies. As well as developing basic skills in literacy, we have also tried to base the areas of assessment on what research shows the workforce of tomorrow will need. Therefore, we are looking for students to develop their skills in the key areas of collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and gathering knowledge.

The initial results of what students are producing is extremely impressive. Perhaps, in years to come, it will be a Bangkok Prep student who is the first person on Mars!

Joshua Watters

Key Stage 3 Leader

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