Letter from the Head of Primary – 5 May 2017 - Bangkok Prep

Letter from the Head of Primary – 5 May 2017

By Head of Primary Duncan Stonehouse

Another amazingly busy week has drawn to a close. Throughout this week, there were a wide range of photo sessions and I understand that many of these images will be included in the 2016-2017 Yearbook.

Today (5 May) the Primary children (and some teachers) came as ‘future you’ – see some of the great examples below – and arrived in school dressed in costumes to show what they would like to be when they get older. Thank you for your support in this event.

I also trust you had the opportunity to attend the Early Years and Key Stage 1 Swimming information session where Coach Matt communicated ideas and strategies for developing confidence in our youngest swimmers.

You may have heard about new phenomenon called ‘playing with fidgets’. These new inexpensive toys have recently become very popular and actually promote lots of actions involving the fingers, hands and wrists.

These activities do have positive benefits, for example they help to develop the pincer grip, providing important practice for writing skills and scissor control, and to develop strong fine motor skills, grip and manipulation. However, many schools have recently banned these toys because they distract children from their learning.

At Bangkok Prep, children will not be allowed to use them in the classroom as we have already had some incidents of misuse and distraction. However, children may continue to enjoy using them at break times as long as they are used sensibly.

If you are interested in finding more about ‘fidgets’ then you may find this article from The Guardian newspaper useful: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/may/03/fidget-spinner-inventor-patent-catherine-hettinger

Many thanks to FOBP once again, for a fantastic funky Friday! Have a great weekend.

For more information, please contact primary.sec@bkkprep.ac.th

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