Letter from the Head of Secondary – 2 June 2017 - Bangkok Prep

Letter from the Head of Secondary – 2 June 2017

By Head of Secondary Nigel Wilsonlock

For 33 students it was the biggest day of their lives at Bangkok Prep this last Tuesday. At our Graduation Ceremony, they entered as ‘Graduands’ and left as ‘Graduates’ of our Sixth Form programme.

The whole Secondary school and leadership came together with proud guests to celebrate the achievements of our Year 13 students, some of whom, namely Noah and Gwynn, had been with us since they entered in kindergarten.

All students become part of our caring community whenever they join and they have all had a remarkable and unique learning journey. I am sure they were challenged and supported by our wonderful teachers, so that they might realise their potentials as artists, mathematicians, leaders, actors, designers and . . .  They have endless possibilities ahead of them and as our guest of honour, His Excellency the British Ambassador advised, they should take every single one of them as their stories are their’s to make.

It is a bittersweet ceremony for us as a community because our graduates are a vital part of our community. They have a huge store of collected memories that now go with them and we will miss them. However, if we have done our jobs properly they will go into the world prepared to take all the challenges and opportunities ahead.

I look forward to hearing of all their rich journeys to come as they venture off to Europe, the USA, China, other parts of Asia and also here in Thailand, to begin the next stage in their education.

I am very proud of all our graduates and wish them well. However, ‘graduating’ is a team effort and I would like to thank parents and teachers for their support and perseverance over the years so that our graduates can now leap into the world beyond the Bangkok Prep turnstiles.

For more information, please contact secondary.sec@bkkprep.ac.th

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