Letter from the Head of Secondary – 9 June 2017 - Bangkok Prep

Letter from the Head of Secondary – 9 June 2017

By Head of Secondary Nigel Wilsonlock

June is our month for ‘resourceful’ and I have been happy to hear that many of our Key Stage 3 students have done very well in their KS3 Assessments. Just as important as celebrating success is the reflection to see where more resources need to be applied to overcome misunderstandings and learning gaps that the assessments may highlight.

It was a pleasure seeing so many of you on Tuesday for the Parent Workshop on ‘Our Curriculum’. Our curriculum is not just the subjects we teach but also the skills and attitudes that frame everything we do and that is held together through our own life values.  

Next week is a very special one for the teachers as FoBP will be hosting their annual Teacher Appreciation Lunch.

Teaching is a very rewarding and enriching vocation but the appreciation shown by our parents is very welcome – it helps create our wonderful community. I was constantly told as a child that the three most important words in the English language are please and thank you.

Hopefully I will see some more of you at the next Parent Workshop on ‘Changes to the School Day at T77’ next Tuesday. I will of course have to survive the Senior Prom on Saturday night first!

Have a good weekend.

For more information, please contact secondary.sec@bkkprep.ac.th

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