Literacy Across the Curriculum JAWS - Bangkok Prep

Literacy Across the Curriculum JAWS

On Saturday 4 th November, Bangkok Prep hosted a JAWS (Jobs Alike Workshops) Conference. This is a FOBISIA teacher training initiative which allows practitioners from FOBISIA member schools to share best practice and new ideas. During the Bangkok Prep JAWS, teachers, leaders and Heads of Faculty from schools in Bangkok and across Asia – including China, Brunei, Hong Kong and Vietnam – shared innovative teaching and learning ideas on the development of literacy skills across different subjects, from English to Maths and Science.

Workshop topics ranged from whole-school literacy marking policies to practical ideas on how to improve text decoding ability or teach literacy
through literature. All participants contributed their own ideas to the discussion of effective strategies implemented at both primary and secondary level in their schools. At the end of the busy, yet inspiring, day, we left feeling even more equipped to help students develop their literacy skills and enthusiastic about sharing what we learnt with our colleagues in different Departments. Over thirty people spent their Saturday in school and left excited about ideas for their students, impressed by our amazing new campus and hopefully with plans to visit us again!

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