Message from the Head of Primary – 7th September 2018 - Bangkok Prep

Message from the Head of Primary – 7th September 2018

Dear All,

Some parents have commented on my first welcome speech this year (and speech after that), quoting me saying “Welcome to the best school in Bangkok!” following up by saying that they believed me, because I believe it. Well, thank you – because I do believe it, otherwise I would not be here!

Each year, we (The Bangkok Prep Community) improve our school, in one way or another. Our staff selection process continues to be improved each year which has become more stringent and passionate than ever before. For every 1 teaching position we have shortlisted 6 applicants form the many top applications we receive each year from around the world. The new teachers in front of you today are the result. Not only that, we are managing to retain the best teachers and allow great teachers to return. Mrs. Jo North, Ms. Ellie Godwin and Mr. Dan O Sullivan are examples of great staff returning to Bangkok Prep.

What makes a great school? The staff, parents and children that believe in it! We have an amazing school community that is supported by the Friends of Bangkok Prep, parents and staff that go beyond of what is expected. Yes, I continue to be proud to call myself the Head of the Bangkok Prep primary school!

I would like to welcome all returning staff, parents and children as well as welcoming all new staff, parents, children and their families to Bangkok Prep. My door is always open should any of you feel the need to challenge my statement of being the being the best school in Bangkok. It’s also open should you feel the need to come and thank anyone in person or more importantly, should you have any great ideas that would ensure we remain, “The best school in Bangkok”.

I can now say “as usual” that next term I will be scheduling my Year Group Parent Forums that keep parents informed of what is happening at Prep with important updates, news items and relevant stories for you, whilst listening to any questions that you might have. Please do look out for them and put them in your diaries and please do come along and join in our ever increasing and popular community here at Bangkok Prep.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.

Best wishes,

Brad Owen

Head of Primary


Our Campus


BANGKOK, 10110

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