Message from the Head of Secondary – 21st Sept 2018 - Bangkok Prep

Message from the Head of Secondary – 21st September 2018

Dear Students, Parents and Colleagues,

We were very fortunate to have secured a visit from the Oxford Union Debate Team this week who showcased the skills necessary to successfully win debates. Our Sixth Formers were eagerly engaged in the art of effective debating and were given some very interesting insights to the Oxford University application process, which focuses on critical thinking rather than achieving the right answer. I believe our students will be inspired by the experience set by the visiting undergraduates.

Following the inspiring and enjoyable debates we then had our own ‘hustings’ where the applicants for Deputy Head Boy and Girl from Year 12 took place. They spoke passionately and with purpose about how they would make Bangkok Prep a better place for all students. All could have done a wonderful job in the role but a democratic vote means that we now have Kit and Nafisa as our new Deputy Head Boy and Girl. I am looking forward to seeing them put their ideas into practice, and I am sure you will join me in congratulating them.

There is definitely a sense of purpose and focus around school now that students have left the holidays behind them and settled into the new school year. Unfortunately, many have forgotten that lockers should be locked and are frequently left open. This inevitably means possessions become misplaced. Could you please help us reinforce the security of student’s possessions and ensure your child come to school with a suitable lock for their locker? This will allow them to safely secure any valuable items they may have, such as mobile phones. Taking care of one’s possessions is a necessary step to adulthood and independence and is a skill we aim to foster. All too often students have had items ‘stolen’, when in fact they have not secured them properly and they reappear in Lost Property. Your support would be much appreciated.

On Thursday of this week our Thai Department prepared a wonderful Wai Kru ceremony for all staff who received beautiful garlands and flowers in appreciation of our dedication to student well-being and success. Celebrating such key Thai events in this way is a wonderful way for us to respect our host country whilst bringing in our international dimension.

The appreciation then continued with the provision of an amazing array of breakfast treats in the Staff Lounge by FoBP. I hope it goes without saying that the breakfast was immensely appreciated by all. It seems that the quality of food provided by FoBP only gets better and better!

Sport at Bangkok Prep is growing and growing. There were numerous teams playing this week with too many successes to mention. Thanks must go to all the staff and coaches who make this possible. Unfortunately on Thursday evening we had to invoke our lightning policy, halting and then cancelling our home football fixture against NIST. Players and coaches were disappointed but very understanding in the need to take lightning storms very seriously.

Finally, on Friday morning we had our Year 7 Parent Coffee Morning & Meet the Tutor event which allowed Year 7 staff to meet and get to know parents, further enhancing our community links. I am particularly grateful to Ms Cantrill and the Year 7 team for all the work she has put in to making Year 7’s transition into Secondary as smooth as possible. It already seems like Year 7 have been with us all along!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Nigel Wilsonlock

Head of Secondary

Our Campus


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