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Messy Play Day – Reception and Year 1

By Head of Early Years Helen Young

On Thursday 27 April, we had a fun-filled learning morning in our very exciting ‘Messy Play Day.’ As part of their transition programme, the Reception and Year 1 children formed groups together, to participate in a range of 10 different multi-sensory activities.

Messy play is an important part of early education as it encourages a positive approach to new and familiar experiences. It offers extensive opportunities for development across all areas of learning.

Messy play is designed with children’s natural curiosity in mind. Children instinctively use all of their senses to investigate, explore, design and create, leading to a better understanding of the world around them.

We used our eyes, noses, hands and feet to compete in the 10 challenges. In their new friendship groups, the children developed their communication skills as they spoke and listened to each other’s comments and ideas.

They used words and gestures to share resources, explain actions, negotiate plans and take turns. Teachers carefully asked open ended questions to encourage thinking skills amongst each other.

In the different challenges, we wrote simple words in the shaving foam, designed a dribble picture using gloop and created self portraits when finger painting. We found and matched numbers in jelly, created Songkran sandcastles and had a very jazzy bubble dance disco!

Collectively we designed the tallest tower with moon sand, designed a pipe system to transport water and had a balloon relay race on the bikes.

On Messy Play Day, it was a joy to see all of the children so engaged in their learning; working collaboratively in their groups. Thank you to all of the children for their excellent attitude and approach to learning on this special day.

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