♫ Primary Soloist Recital ♫ - Bangkok Prep

♫ Primary Soloist Recital ♫

Our second Primary Soloist Recital of the year happened after school on Thursday 16th February and what an outstanding concert it was!

We were serenaded by pianists, vocalists, violinists, and a clarinet. Well done to all of the children involved, you should be very proud of your performances!

Pinta 5CC

Arza 3FS

Ally 4SD

Yuson 4HH

Fasai 6EP

Sasha 6JY

Denim 3BS

Dafne 3WF

Aisha 2MT

Sainam 6MS

Yoonwoo 4SD

Tate 4CD

Pranon 3WF

Tanu 6LS

Christy 6DB

Shriya 6LS

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