2020-21 Digital Resilience Survey for Parents - Bangkok Prep

2020-21 Digital Resilience Survey for Parents/Caregivers

A big focus of our work as a school this year will be ensuring that students are kept safe online and are able to make correct, informed decisions, when using digital resources.

As part of our first day, students took part in a session focusing on understanding what digital resilience is and the role it plays in our digital lives. After the session, all students completed a short form that had been adapted from a PISA based survey. More information on this can be found  .

To help us get the most from the information we have gathered so far, it would be greatly appreciated if parents and caregivers could also find some time to respond to a similar questionnaire. The form submission is anonymous and can be found here.

We really hope as many of you as possible can respond to this questionnaire as this will provide us with a huge amount of invaluable information as we continue to ensure we develop our approach to this incredibly important area of education.


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