Alison Cantrill – Head of Careers and Student Pathways - Bangkok Prep

Alison Cantrill – Head of Careers and Student Pathways

Welcome to our Meet the Staff series featuring the highly experienced and talented staff that we have at Bangkok Prep!

Alison Cantrill started her career teaching PE and Humanities at a Middle School in Cheddar, Somerset (UK). After 3 successful years there, she then took on her first overseas teaching post at a British curriculum school in Kuwait where she was teaching PE and English. Alison then moved across the Middle East to Abu Dhabi where she continued teaching for 5 more years. Alison has been in Thailand and working at Bangkok Prep for the last 3 years. During her time at Bangkok Prep, Alison’s role has evolved significantly. She has worked within the PE department, the English department, as a Year Leader, and, presently, her current position here as Head of Careers and Student Pathways.

Alison had the following to say about her passion for teaching:

What are your aims for this academic year at school?

To embed an enriching careers programme throughout the school, to explore ways to enhance our Work Experience provision, and to support our Highly Able students on the many pathways they will embark on.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Working with the students. No two days are the same! I love that we all learn and evolve together, and it is a privileged position to be in when you see young people becoming the best that they can be.

What does Bangkok Prep mean to you?

The students are a delight to teach, and the staff make the community fun to work in. The environment supports growth in every way.

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