Alumni Swimmer Nisha wins bronze in the SEA 100m Breaststroke Final

Alumni Swimmer Nisha Kijkanakorn wins bronze in the SEA 100m Breaststroke Final

This past week, something wonderful happened for one of our alumni and a former swimming star of Bangkok Prep.

Nisha Kijkanakorn won a bronze medal in the SEA 100m Breaststroke final. I have attached the race for you here:

What is so wonderful about that is that our Nisha is still improving, and with the Olympic Games in Tokyo just around the corner, in fact only 6 months away, Nisha could be on target for an Olympic berth. This would be an incredible achievement, especially since the chances of being an Olympic swimmer are 0.0013%. With Nisha’s Bronze medal in the 2019 SEA Games, her chances are now better than good.

I have gone back through my old notes and emails, and pictures just to celebrate her achievement. I have some wonderful memories of Nisha in curriculum classes and competitions when she swam for the school. Looking back it is no surprise how far she has gone and a lot of it is because of things you cannot time or measure.

In February 2018 she sent me through her targets for 1 year and 2 years for all strokes. Below is her targets for her Bronze medal swim event – Breaststroke 100M.

1 Year : BRS100- 1.13/ 1.12 (high)

2 Years: BRS100- 1.11 solid

Her Bronze medal swim on Monday … 1:10.70

Here are a few of my memories about Nisha’s time with Bangkok Prep:

  • Nisha always wore the School swim uniform. It didn’t matter what the other swimmers were wearing – the new superfast suit etc. She respected her Gold cap and waited patiently to earn it. (Brunei 2016).
  • Nisha always came to me before a meet and asked what events we (the School) wanted her to swim before a competition. What was best for the team.
  • I remember ISB SwimFest 2017 where Nisha had the last leg in a relay. She entered the water 7 down – we came home 3rd. A long third and she didn’t do it for her personal medal collection of the day. She didn’t swim her preferred stroke either.
  • One time I ‘gambled’ with the Medley Relay team and had her swim her least favourite stroke – Backstroke. We lost and it wasn’t because of Nisha – it was because of my ‘tinkering’. I was gutted. When I apologised to the 4 swimmers after the race, Nisha smiled and said “it’s OK Coach”.

Nisha gave me goose bumps when she swam. Not just because of how good she could swim – but because she always gave 100% and looked like she loved every moment. She loved doing well for her coaches and most importantly her beloved Bulldog team.

Congratulations to one of the most humble athletes I have ever been around. A true Bulldog forever. Hopefully we will see you in Tokyo July 2020.


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