Amy O’Connor – Year 2 Leader - Bangkok Prep

Amy O’Connor – Year 2 Leader

Amy is Bangkok Prep’s new Year 2 Leader as well as also being a Year 2 teacher. She is an accomplished teacher who has taught Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 during her time at schools in the UK, China, Hong Kong and now Thailand – teaching internationally since 2010.

Amy has a solid educational background, holding a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Liverpool, UK and also a PGCE in Primary Education from the University of Manchester, UK.

Her objective for this academic year 2019-2010 is to successfully take on the new challenge of being Year 2 Leader, and guaranteeing that the children (and teachers!) have an inspiring, exciting, unforgettable and fulfilling year in Year 2.

Amy has a strong affection and enthusiasm for teaching – she especially enjoys how each and every day of teaching is different and how she has never had two days in her entire teaching career that have been the same! She enjoys working in a school which has a healthy mix of cultural diversity and nationalities.

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