Andrew Jackson – Meet the Teacher - Bangkok Prep

Andrew Jackson – Meet the Teacher

How have your first few weeks at Bangkok Prep been?

It has been a whirlwind start, having arrived late for the start of term due to a two week quarantine, but I am loving it so far! Everyone has been really welcoming and I am starting to get to know students’ names and an understanding of the school systems. After months of planning to move to a new school and country, and all the anticipation that surrounds that, it is great to finally get teaching and coaching again.

Why did you choose Bangkok Prep?

Having been to Thailand on my honeymoon in 2011, during which my wife (Amy) and I talked about coming back to the country to work one day, something we can now tick off our bucket list! When the Head of PE job at Bangkok Prep came up last November I researched the school and I liked what I saw. It is clear the school really values the individual student and has some fantastic new facilities that create a great learning environment. Already I can see working with the PE and Sports departments is going to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

What physical skills and skill combinations are being taught, and how can parents reinforce them at home?

I am working on the core Physical Education curriculum which features the teaching of games for understanding (TGFU), with the main focus being on game play and awareness, using fun conditioned games to both motivate and enthuse the students. We will use a number of team Invasion Games to embed core skills, tactics and decision making that are vital to further development. The vital skills of swimming and personal survival will also be taught, so we can confidently say all students leaving Bangkok Prep are ‘water safe’. 

Parents can aid their child’s development by encouraging them to watch as much sport as possible to see how elite level sport is played and to also buy them a ball (of various sizes and options) so their son or daughter can familiarise themselves with the movement patterns and ‘feel’ of kicking, receiving and/or throwing it well!

Do you plan to work with classroom teachers to weave classroom content into PE lessons? If so, how are you doing that?

The relationship between Physical Education, Sport and Sports Science is of huge importance in the holistic development of students’ knowledge and physical capacities. I will be working hard with Michael McFarlane, Director of Sport to ensure there is joined up thinking with curriculum lessons and sport sessions/ECAs to ensure the student recreation journey and sports performance pathway is optimised. During core PE lessons, the PE department will use technical and anatomical language that links with the academic content in I/GCSE, A Level and BTEC qualifications. It is crucial that during KS3 (Year 7 – 9), students experience the fundamentals of training, physiology and sports psychology. These are important topics in the academic PE qualifications, so they can know if Physical Education is a good choice for them in the future, which would open the door to a job in the lucrative world of elite sport.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I really enjoy staying active in my free time, whether it is running, going to the gym or playing social football or rugby. As you would expect I also love watching any sport, whilst also exploring the sports science behind elite sports performance. I am a big foodie, and will love exploring Thailand’s food culture, having mostly experienced Mediterranean cuisine previously! In my quieter moments I like reading and also playing chess.

I have two daughter’s, Pippa and Millie, who have just started at Bangkok Prep Primary. Exploring South East Asia (once travel restrictions are lifted – hopefully) with them and my wife is something I am really looking forward to.

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