Augmented Reality Workshop - 1st in Thailand - Bangkok Prep

Augmented Reality Workshop – 1st in Thailand

Bangkok Prep are the first school in Thailand to host an Augmented Reality workshop with Perception Codes

Students in Key Stage 3 had the opportunity to take part in an innovative online workshop, using the latest Desktop Augmented Reality (A-R) technology. During the workshop, the students were able to explore Stephenson’s Rocket and the Spitfire Rolls Royce engine in great detail. Being able to look at these exhibits from Imperial War Museum and Science Museum groups was a fascinatingly immersive experience for our students.

During the workshop, students learned how to install the application correctly and then had a chance to explore the exhibits in more detail. This led to some great discussion about the fundamentals of engineering and STEM concepts with Dr. Krisada Chaiyasarn and Dr. Pisut Wisessing.



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