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Bangkok Prep & AIS Electronic Waste Campaign

Bangkok Prep is fully committed to environmental education and sustainability! And we are proud to be the only international school in Thailand that is working with AIS (Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator) on the Electronic Waste campaign.

Students are now back on campus and they are able to deposit their E-Waste in the paper box bin by the security guard counter at both campuses.

The following 5 kinds of E-Waste are accepted;

♻️ Mobile phones
♻️ Tablets
♻️ Phone battery
♻️ Power banks
♻️ Chargers
♻️ Headphones and wires


The toxic chemicals from this deteriorating waste are contaminating the environment, meaning that every living thing, including you, is at greater risk of encountering these toxic chemicals unless they are disposed of responsibly.

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Secondary Campus:

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Primary Campus

Bangkok Prep Primary Campus
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