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Bangkok Prep – An Outstanding Learning Community!

This past week, from Friday 15th to Saturday 16th of March, Bangkok Prep were proud to host the FOBISIA Swimming Job Alike Workshop (JAWS) with coaches and teachers attending from all over Asia.

The sessions in the workshop focused upon the development of swim programmes in the region and the group met to share ideas and examples of best practice. A comprehensive list of topics were discussed within a very collaborative atmosphere; with the added advantage of having squad swim coaches, classroom swim teachers, and directors of sport attending. 

It was highly beneficial having experienced specialist individuals from a range of roles and educational contexts dissecting topic such as swimming curriculum systems, organising swimming galas, long term athlete development, developing team culture, and swimming assessments to name just a few. 

Having a relaxed environment with open and sharing colleagues made this one of the most fruitful CPD’s this author has attended in recent years!

Looking forward to the 2020 FOBISIA Swimming JAWS already.

Matthew Ferrier

Head of Aquatics 

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