Bangkok Prep Bring Home 10 Trophies from the WSC

Bangkok Prep Bring Home 10 Trophies This Year from the WSC

A huge achievement for our World Scholars again this year: teams and individuals won 10 trophies altogether, doubling the number from last year! WSC students, together with FOBISIA Maths, Athletics and Climbing champions, celebrated their success on Wednesday afternoon with their parents and teachers during an event organised by Khun Patrada.

Bangkok Prep students brought home 10 Trophies this year! 


Juniors: Proud 2nd, Frances 12th, Pun 14th, Lily 15th, Max 23rd, Maria 42nd, Jan 48th

Seniors: Kazu 18th, Marco 29th, Edward 33rd, Mos 40th, Champ 44th

Team overall:

Juniors: 3rd: Proud, Nadol, Max; 5th: Frances, Maria, Jan Chun; 10th: Krishna, Lily, Pun

Seniors: 4th (one up from last year!): Mos, Kazu, Champ. 17th: Edward, Andre, Marco; 24th: Sarin, Taas, Pyncha

School Top Scholar:

Seniors: Kazu

Juniors: Proud


Overall in Juniors: Proud 1st; Marco 33rd in Seniors.

Writing Teams:

Juniors: 7th Proud, Nadol and Max.

In the Scholar’s Bowl (intense team quiz):

Juniors: Proud, Nadol, Max in 7th; Frances, Maria, Jan in 9th

Seniors: Mos, Kazu, Champ in 5th.

Team Challenge:

Juniors: Proud, Nadol, Max in 3rd; Frances, Maria, Jan in 9th.

Seniors: Champ, Kazu, Mos in 6th; Edward, Andre, Marco in 10th.

Debate (Individual):

Juniors: Lily May in 5th; Max in 7th; Frances in 10th; Pun in 11th

Seniors: Kazu in 8th; Arlena in 12th.

Team Debate:

Juniors: Pun, Lily May, Krishna in 1st; Frances, Maria and Jan in 4th; Proud, Max, Nadol in 5th

Seniors: Mos, Champ, Kazu in 4th.

In the Challenge (individual quiz):

The Arts: Kazu was first (again!)

Science: Pun 1st in Juniors; Champ 1st in Seniors


There were many gold medals given out for the Subject Challenges as well.

Frances was selected a one of the four members of the Negative team to take part in the Debate Showcase – that’s one of 8 best debaters amongst 400 students there!

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