Bangkok Prep Class of 2023 Graduation - Bangkok Prep

Bangkok Prep Class of 2023 Graduation

Congratulations to all 71 Graduates from our Class of 2023.

Bangkok Prep students celebrated their graduation amongst their families and friends on Thursday 22nd June.

The guest of honour key note speaker at the ceremony was Mr Korn Chatikavanji, Politician and former Minister of Finance of Thailand, who offered sage words of advice and guidance to our cohort:

“Being the top 1% in Thailand or even global society, you are going to be nearer top 0.1% and it means you carry responsibility. You carry responsibility later on in life to give back the opportunities that you’ve had, that your parents have given you and that teachers are given you to those who haven’t. So go forth to your university career and always remember when you come back, to contribute to society and create opportunities that you’ve all had the privilege to enjoy”

You can watch Mr Korn Chatikavanji’s inspirational speech in full here:

This is Bangkok Prep’s 11th cohort to graduate, with more than 82% of the cohort receiving offers from their first or second choice institutions, consisting of both global and domestic universities ranked in the World Top 50 Guide, such as University of Cambridge, Brown University, Imperial College London, University College London, UCSD, Georgia Tech and many others. Offering admission to a wide range of subjects including: Medicine and Dentistry (24 offers), Natural Sciences, Business and Economics, Finance and Creative Arts and Design.

Good luck and please stay connected Year 13!

Goodbye Graduates 🎓 – Welcome Bangkok Prep Alumni!

Watch the ceremony in full here:





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