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Bangkok Prep Community – UPDATE

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Bangkok Prep Community – UPDATE – Friday 15th January 2021

Dear Bangkok Prep Community,

We are delighted with the way the students of Bangkok Prep have engaged with online learning. Yet again, they have demonstrated resilience and maturity. We all hope to have permission to open the school to students again in the very near future.

School Closure – update

The orders under the current Emergency Decree will see the school remain closed until at least Monday 1st February 2021. The ability of schools to reopen thereafter will depend on the control of the spread of the virus in Thailand. We will update the Bangkok Prep community accordingly.

As you are aware, our school is compelled to follow the directives from the CCSA, BMA, Ministry of Education and OPEC. We will continue to remain optimistic and hope that we will be able to reopen the school as soon we have approval and in the meantime we will continue to provide enhanced online learning.

What is happening at Bangkok Prep?

A lot!! Please follow the school’s social media accounts and News page on our website, to find out! The links are below and there is lots to see and do: Why not join in the PE work out of the day?

NEXT WEEK: Bangkok Prep’s Fittest Student!
During next week, we will be launching the first Bangkok Prep’s Fittest Student, which will recognise the efforts of a boy and a girl in Primary and Secondary each week, who attend the Workout of the Day and are identified by the coaches for their outstanding efforts. Bangkok Prep Workout of the Day 7.00 – 7.30am for all Bangkok Prep Community members.

Bulldog’s Virtual Sport Academies:

Please see the sport specific posters for information here. High quality, specialist provision from our coaches, which explore a range of themes and is focused on being active and engaging to develop students whilst online.

Bangkok Prep Community Fair 2021

An email will shortly be sent to you about how you can be a part of the Bangkok Prep Community Fair. A space for our lovely Bangkok Prep Community to promote, sell or buy from local businesses from within the community. We hope that this event will help ease any business difficulties you may be facing due to Covid restrictions. We look forward to hearing more about your businesses! We will get through this together!

Bangkok Prep Panda – making resources available for enhanced online learning

This week we have made resources available for our students to use at home. Our pick up and delivery service ensures that your child has all of the learning resources they require to continue high quality learning at home. It is a quick and safe service that is just another way we are adapting to help and support our students.

Students are doing very well with our Enhanced Online Learning

In Primary, we have been very excited to read and hear all the positive feedback from our parents on both our feedback form and in our Class Parent Representative Forums with Year Leaders about our Online Learning. We are so pleased to hear that parents feel the transition has been smoother, and that such a high percentage rate our Online Learning across the Primary school as “Excellent.” The work children have been producing is of an exceptional standard, and it’s heartwarming to see and hear the videos children have produced. You can see some of the inspiring examples on our Weekly Blogs this week. The participation in Zoom sessions across all subjects has been extremely high, and we are so proud of our Primary Children.

In Secondary, engagement in online learning has been extremely impressive. With an average daily attendance of 97.8%, we continue to be immensely proud of students’ dedication and hard work. We can all learn a lot from students’ resilience throughout this period. While life around the world may be far from normal at the moment, students at Bangkok Prep have continued to uphold the same standards that they always have. Particular mention must go to Year 11-13 students who have had examinations during this period: Year 11 have transitioned seamlessly to online mock examinations and have worked with us to ensure these help their progress for the examinations in May and June. Watch out for Shout Outs which will be released later today to celebrate some of the great work students have been doing!

Credits to be issued: ECAS, Meal Plan, Transport

Our Bus Drivers, Bus Monitors, Catering Staff and ECA providers are ready and waiting to return when they get the go ahead. Please see below an update about the Services that you may have already paid for in advance of the start of Term 2.

School Door to Door Transport Service & Epicure Meal Plan:
A credit will be issued for the unused days in Term 2. This will be processed after we have confirmed our return to school date so that we know exactly how many days to credit you.

Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs):


If you have paid for Term 2 ECAs a credit will be issued for any paid ECAs when it is confirmed if ECAs will or will not run in Term 2 when we return to school. The number of weeks they don’t run for will be credited.


A credit will be issued for 4 weeks for any paid ECAs in Block 2. 4 out 8 weeks have taken place for Block 2 which finishes on 29th January.

Block 3 sign up has been postponed until further notice.

Very best wishes from the Communication Team at Bangkok Prep

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