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Bangkok Prep Development Bank 2018-19

The founding year of the Bangkok Prep Development Bank has been an incredible journey. The goal for 2018-19 was to establish a sustainable student enterprise that could create a source of finance that would then be used to support the wider community. The development bank will then be established in 2019-20 and use the concept of micro-financing to create a supportive infrastructure for the school community by providing resources and mentorship. In 2019-20 students will be able to apply for loans from the development bank to help finance their own enterprise ideas.

The initial idea of producing and selling smoothies was trialled and tested and then shelved and so it was back to the drawing board. Out of smoothies emerged coconuts as the golden ticket to meaningful action. Students worked on producing a business plan to ensure they had thought of all aspects of setting up and running their own enterprise. The soft launch of Coconut Corner took place on Wednesday 29th May and feedback has been gathered and tweaks will be made to ensure that customers are satisfied. It is hoped that next year coconut sales will happen once every two weeks to allow for a substantial source of finance to be established. This will then allow for the development bank to be set up and allow student enterprises to flourish.

The Development Bank 2018-19 was made up of a diverse group of students, some interested in business, some community action and for some it was both. Our founding members were; Andre, Aru, Ayami, Benya, Get, Jaak, Joe, Nozomi, Tom, William. Without their drive and ambition the Development Bank would still just be a nice concept, they have worked tirelessly to bring the idea to fruition.

We look forward to welcoming returning students back next year for phase two and would like to thank those students who are leaving for helping establish such an excellent community based initiative.

Finally, we would like to thank Mr Stonehouse for his help and support reviewing our Business Plan, Gen Ahl and the events team for accommodating the soft opening and for their continued help and support and our marvellous mentors Ms Giddings and Ms Dixon.


Mr Groves

Year Leader for Year 12

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