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Bangkok Prep Geoguessr Championship 2023

The 2023 Geoguessr competition on Tuesday 7th February was a great success with many of our students earning points for their House! The competition was held to test their geographical knowledge and challenge them to guess the location of a place based on “Street View” images. All the winners demonstrated a strong understanding of geography and an impressive ability to recognise locations around the world. This competition was a great opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge of geography and test their skills in a fun and interactive way!

A congratulations must go to the students with the highest score in each year:

  • Maithu L from Year 7
  • Zaya M from Year 8
  • Minnie W from Year 9
  • Alex G from Year 10
  • Obione & JL from Year 11
  • Fresh R from Year 12


To win the overall competition was tough, and it ended incredibly close. Second place Malak A in Year 10 received a score of 21,134, only 13 points away from the overall winner’s score of 21,147!

The Bangkok Prep Geoguesser Champion of 2023 is… Alex G!

That is not all, the total points scored from each House were also counted and ranked!

The winners for the Geoguessr 2023 House Competition were… Panthera!

Ursus followed in second, Surus in third, and finally Sabre finished last, but will come back stronger and hope for a better result next year!


Charles Clark
Head of EPQ, Teacher of Geography, Travel & Tourism and Global Perspectives 


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