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Bangkok Prep Metaverse Exploration – Collaboration with Perception Codes moves to the next level

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have been learning all about the metaverse during their ECA time this term.

This began with the driving question: What is the metaverse and how can it help us?

Club members Advika (9AS), Ira (8PK), Narasha (8SW), Peter (8CL), Jake (7ST), Kunhee (7ST) and Nine (7AB) conducted research to build a SWOT analysis in an attempt to answer the following questions:

Strengths – What do you see as the biggest benefits to building a Metaverse?

Weaknesses – What are the biggest challenges humans will face if we choose to spend time in the Metaverse?

Opportunities – What will the Metaverse allow humans to do that we can’t do now?

Threats – What do you think will be the biggest dangers or difficulties we face as we move towards a full Metaverse?

These questions were extremely helpful in directing us to consider what we want to use our own Bangkok Prep metaverse land for, and how it can be useful in educational endeavours. Students also had the opportunity to learn more about digital assets and how NFTs may shape our own metaverse space.

Mr. Hyman created this word cloud from students’ research & ideas

After establishing a sound understanding of how Web3.0 technology is changing the way we work and learn, students had the opportunity to work with Dr. Krisada Chaiyasarn, CTO & Co-Founder of Perception Codes, a deep-tech company accelerating efforts to ensure education is accessible in the metaverse, particularly their own – The Morpheus Metaverse. Dr. Kris was able to further elaborate on how Holo-Museum is successfully delving into the metaverse as a way to extend the interactivity of museum exhibits on display from several world-class museums around the world.

This was followed by a highly interactive photogrammetry workshop. This was a truly immersive experience where students and teachers had the opportunity to learn about the art and science of using overlapping photographs to reconstruct three-dimensional scenes or objects. This will become a fundamental concept in developing our own metaverse.

The digital literacy developed during this ECA has really opened students’ eyes to what is possible in a digital learning environment. It also created opportunities for students to develop key skills and competencies which will help them in the future.

When asked how they envisioned the metaverse changing future learning experiences, the students gave some very insightful responses:


“Some people might think that learning is boring but in the metaverse you can actually go into the learning in much more detail to learn about component parts.”

Ira, Y8 Student


Maybe the metaverse can potentially allow us to do more risky things in a safe way.”

Jake, Y7 Student


When tech was introduced, it was a new thing for everyone. Now that it is evolving, everyone knows how to use it. The metaverse is a new level of tech which allows us to refresh how we use technology.”

Advika, Y9 Student


It can help students to be more creative because the metaverse can be anything.

Peter, Y8 Student


The metaverse can help us in Geography and History: Interactivity means we can go back in time and experience things in a more real way. In geography we can learn about climate change in a realistic way which is more fun and relevant.”

Narasha, Y8 Student


Student ideas to take forward include building our first metaverse space and going inside it, testing other metaverses and exploring a VR version. This could include a trip to experience VR,investing in some VR technology, and further developing staff and students’ skills in photogrammetry.

We are very excited to further explore our collaboration with Perception Codes and see where the metaverse will take us at Bangkok Prep in the future!


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