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Friday 7th October 2022


Dear Bangkok Prep Parents, Students and Staff,

Yesterday, many of us read and watched the news reports about the tragic events in the childcare facility and surrounding village in Nong Bua Lamphu province. 

We are deeply saddened by this devastating news which has resulted in the unnecessary loss of so many children and adults. As a mark of respect, our school flags will be at ‘half mast’ to represent our unity with the victims, their families and community. 

Should you need any support yourselves, we encourage you to reach out to loved ones and our staff for support. This is also a time where we should all reflect on the safeguarding of all members of our school. Although mass shootings are relatively rare in Thailand, we will never be complacent in terms of our school’s security and everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Bangkok Prep will continue to use proactive evacuation and lockdown procedures to ensure the safety of all of our school community. We all need to work together to keep our children safe. Please be reminded that the campuses are primarily for safe student learning but should also be accessible to community members. In order to help keep Bangkok Prep a safe place for your child, please see the points below:

Access to the Campus

  • keep your ID badge and lanyard visible at all times and show it when requested
  • we request that you vacate the academic side of the campus once the school day has begun or ended (or following an appointment during the school day)
  • respectfully follow the guidelines and instructions from our security staff at all times

It is at times like these that we want to help but it is often unclear how we can make a difference. We can urge our government representatives to seek the very best possible means of controlling gun ownership and regulation in Thailand. We can ask our authorities to prioritise the introduction of new legislation which guards the safety and psychological wellbeing of its people. In addition, we can support each other and use the safeguarding systems at school to report concerns and seek help for ourselves and other members of our community.

Together, we are sending our thoughts and condolences to all the families and members of the local community directly affected.

During times of travesty, we all gain an inner strength from our caring and empathetic Bangkok Prep community. As always please come to talk to us if you are anxious about security at our school. Thank you for sharing your empathy and desire to support others. 


Yours sincerely,

Duncan Stonehouse

Head of School

Our Campus


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