Bangkok Prep Students Exhibit at BACC - Bangkok Prep

Bangkok Prep Students Exhibit at BACC

Throughout May, 13 Bangkok Prep students are exhibiting their student work at the Art and Creative School Fair 2 Exhibition in one of the most prestigious Art galleries in Thailand – BACC.

At Bangkok Prep we strive to provide the students with a clear balance between structure and freedom, between clear direction and the independent creative development of original ideas.

Students have the autonomy to pursue their own interests and passions whilst also having the foundational knowledge in handling media and controlling processes in order to effectively explore their individual ideas for the creative process.

In our exhibition of student work there is a range of outcomes that showcase technical skills, imaginative approaches to handling media and strong individual expression.

We believe that art education should be interdisciplinary, connecting artistic experiences to other subjects such as history, science, and literature. You will see this reflected in the pieces on display, which draw inspiration from a wide range of sources and themes. From the striking portraits that explore identity and culture, to the more abstract pieces that challenge our perceptions of reality, colour and form, these artworks demonstrate the power of art to connect us to the world around us.

Art and Creative School Fair 2 Exhibition on now until Saturday 21st May

Thomas Bannister
Faculty Leader: Creative Arts

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